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Chasing Rainbows
DECEMBER 26, 2014 • Excerpt from Willow Bradner's "Hair Therapist Guide"

Playing small is playing against everyone else. Playing big is when you’re playing for yourself wholeHEARTedly.

Remember when you were a kid and your teachers and parents told you that you could be anything when you grew up? Then one day when you decided to embark on that “be anything” dream those same people who offered you the opportunity to dream big became dream killers. They said something to the effect of, “Is that a good idea?” or “How will you support yourself?” or “Have you thought this through?” or “Well, I am not sure this is a good idea” or “This is going to be a lot of hard work” (and these are the nicer versions). These people were your greatest cheerleaders when you were small and they too were dreaming of all the romantic things they wanted you to be, from an astronaut to a super model. Until the day reality set in. The dreamers become the doubters, and they project their own fears and blocks on you the second you start chasing rainbows. From them you will hear all the reasons you shouldn’t go for this dream.

I will tell you why you no one can Should all over you and your dreams. Time to Chase some Rainbows, your pot of Gold is waiting…

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Pooping with the door open
DECEMBER 15, 2014 • Excerpt from Willow Bradner's "Hair Therapist Guide"

Don't freak out! This is a metaphor, not an assignment. “Pooping with the door open” just means you should put your shit out there, be real, be yourself! No one likes a faker, and living like you have a fart stuck in you just dying to get out is simply not worth it. A life like that causes stomachaches and resentment. I have had years of practicing this assignment and teaching it.

The greatest challenge when it comes to pooping with the door open is just that: remaining open. You have to learn not to fall into old patterns, hide from what you want, bite your tongue, yell or deflect when you should be listening, listen when you should be yelling. Relationships are a delicate balancing act when your shit’s not on the table, when you’re not pooping with the door open. But when it is out there, and your guy knows you, loves you for you, and picked you regardless of the fact that you may fart, burp, and say mean shit from time to time creates this trust and bond that is unbreakable. You have to be open and available and ready at all times to be you.

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Linguistically Speaking
DECEMBER 2, 2014 • Excerpt from Willow Bradner's "Hair Therapist Guide"

Linguistically speaking, you can change your entire life with a single sentence:

"Today is going to be a great day!" You don’t even have to believe it! You just have to say it every day. One day your life will magically transform from “just another day” to “just great!”

When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, take inventory of all of your favorite things. You may want to put a Post-it note next to your bed or on the ceiling that screams "Good morning beautiful! How lucky are you?" just to remind you every morning to start looking on the bright side.

When people ask how you are, start answering with as much sincerity as possible, "I am great." Don't worry about how you sell this. Don't feel bad if your co- worker or friend is having a sub-optimal day. You can say something to cheer them up too! Tell them “Everything can always get better,” because it can, and it will!

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